Formulation and evaluation of Naproxen sustained release matrix tablet

  • Kishore Naidu K AU College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India 530003
  • Lakshmana Rao R Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, MRR College of Pharmacy, Nandigama, Andhra Pradesh, India-521185
  • Pratap Kumar G Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, MRR College of Pharmacy, Nandigama, Andhra Pradesh, India-521185
  • Sathya S Priya A Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, MRR College of Pharmacy, Nandigama, Andhra Pradesh, India-521185


The present study was carried out to formulate sustained release matrix tablet of naproxen and to evaluate its drug release and stability. Formulation and evaluation of oral sustained release matrix tablets of naproxen were prepared by wet granulation technique by employing different concentration of HPMC-K4M, HPMC-K100 and DCP polymers to achieve sustained release of drug. The formulated batches were evaluated for physicochemical parameters and dissolution profiles as per pharmacopial methods. The physical parameters like weight variation, thickness, hardness, friability and assay of all formulations were evaluated. The results of formulated tablets complied with pharmacopoeial specifications and formulated combination F7 was well optimized and its stability data was found to be stable for three months at accelerated stability conditions at a temperature (40±2°C) and relative humidity 75±5% as per ICH norms.

Keywords: Naproxen, Tablets, Physiological parameters, Assay and Stability


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