Status of vitamin D levels in bronchial asthmatic Children at Tertiary Care Hospital, Tirupathi


Department of Pediatrics, Sri Venkateswara Ramnarain Ruia Government General Hospital, Tirupathi
The current study was carried out to estimate the levels of vitamin D in asthmatic children and to know the relation between the two. A total of 75 asthmatic children were included between 6-12 years of age based on symptoms and divided into mild, moderate, severe persistent asthmatic. Standard laboratory tests which include Absolute eosinophil count (AEC), Vitamin D levels, calcium, phosphorous, alkaline phosphatase (ALP) for asthmatic children. Blood samples were collected and Vitamin D levels were estimated using high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) technique. The results of the current study has shown significant correlation between vitamin D and severity of asthma with male to female child ratio is 1.5:1. The total of 94.67% asthmatic children had vitamin D levels <30 ng/ml. 72% of asthmatic children had deficient levels of vit D i.e. <20 ng/ml. Mean serum Vitamin D is highest in mild persistent asthmatic group with value 23.73 +/- 8.03 ng/ml and lowest in severe persistent group with value 11.09 +/- 4.26 ng/ml. The ALP levels are raised in highest in severe persistent asthmatic group which is 252.36 +/- mg/dl. Lowest levels of ALP in mild persistent asthmatic group which is 163.44 +/- 36.6 mg/dl. 64% (48) of asthmatic children had AEC <400 and 36% (27) had AEC >400. The present study concludes that vitamin D deficiency is more common in asthmatic children (94.67%) who are attending the department of pediatrics, S.V.R.R.G.G.H., Tirupati and confirms that there is significant inverse correlation between severity of asthma and vitamin D levels.
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Sudheer P

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